Make them count

A few weeks ago I moved my son Kelton into the dorm.  Not only was I proud of him but I was proud of myself for not crying.  For the next few weeks I only heard from him a few times but managed to keep it together. I have done my best trying to give him space and let him grow up.  I also take pride in telling everyone I know that my son is a freshmen in college and that he is the second person in my family to graduate from high school.   Even though I know he is where he should be, it’s hard not seeing him every day.  It’s hard not hearing his voice late at night or asking me what are we going to eat.  A few days ago I walked into Kelton’s empty room, sat down on the bed and started crying.  It hit me that he is officially gone.  I know he will be fine but at that moment I wanted to give him a hug.  It seemed like just yesterday I was changing his diapers and feeding him baby food.  I remember the nights that I rocked him to sleep and evenings he took naps on my chest.  Now he is all grown and legally considered an adult.   I am telling you this because time flies, so make every moment count.  Learn to not sweat the small stuff.  And finally, hug them every time you can.