Be Happy

After my mom died, I spent a lot of time being angry at the world.  I spent a lot of time and energy looking for every excuse I could to be mad.  I made mountains out of mole hills and found myself feeling guilty for losing my temper. I did my best to hide it from the world but unfortunately my wife and kids got to see how broken I really was.  I was mad at God because my mom died before I could ask her so many questions.  I showed up to church everyday pretending that things were ok, but deep down inside I was angry.  Looking back, there is no doubt that I had a reason to be upset, but I managed to let the few negative things overshadow all the joy that was standing right in front of me.  My church, my family and friends are more than a blessing, they are everything I need to be happy.  Below is a transparent poem of how I felt.  Thank all of you for giving me a reason to be authentically happy.

I’m not happy unless I am mad

It’s not a joke it’s kind of sad

I tried to hide it with a smile

And that would only last a while

Mad was the only thing I knew

It stuck to me like super glue

There’s more to life than being sad

I found a reason to give up being mad

No more trying

Now I’m glad