He is Gone

He is gone He is gone
And yet I will not cry
The memories won’t let me
The whiskey has run dry

I remember his ghost stories
And the car he once drove
I remember the lessons
I remember the stove

He is gone He is gone
I am not allowed to cry
My family won’t let me
Tell Stevie goodbye

I’m not surprised
I have never fit in
I am the traitor
From beginning to end

He is gone he is gone
And Now I know why
His body couldn’t take it
His whiskey has run dry

Inspite of it all
I managed to care
I will miss his voice
In my heart he is there

Stevie is gone Stevie is gone
And yet I won’t cry
My heart says he loved me
I just don’t know why

I didn’t see it then
Perhaps I got it wrong
I was not the coward
The stairs made me strong