Today it has been three years since my mom past away!  As I remember her life, I have decided to hold on to the good times we spent together and do my very best to let go of the everything else!

He is Gone

He is gone He is gone
And yet I will not cry
The memories won’t let me
The whiskey has run dry

I remember his ghost stories
And the car he once drove
I remember the lessons
I remember the stove

He is gone He is gone
I am not allowed to cry
My family won’t let me
Tell Stevie goodbye

I’m not surprised
I have never fit in
I am the traitor
From beginning to end

He is gone he is gone
And Now I know why
His body couldn’t take it
His whiskey has run dry

Inspite of it all
I managed to care
I will miss his voice
In my heart he is there

Stevie is gone Stevie is gone
And yet I won’t cry
My heart says he loved me
I just don’t know why

I didn’t see it then
Perhaps I got it wrong
I was not the coward
The stairs made me strong

Free Yourself

Forgiveness is not easy

But it can fix your heart

You have to be committed

Then pick a day to start

Today is as good as any

So choose to let hurt go

In time you can heal

And peace will start to grow

– Alton Carter

Damaged Goods

Damaged means that we have suffered some sort of pain.  A type of pain that has not destroyed us completely but left part of us wounded.  Wounded in a way that will ensure the scars will forever be visible to us.  When we look at ourselves, we tend to see more that’s damaged then we see good.   Being labeled damaged also suggests that the part of us that experiences pain may never be fixed.  Parts of us may never work the same.  The rhythm of our heart remains the same but due to trauma it struggles accepting love like it did when it was brand new.  It is damaged in a way that it cannot be repaired.  Although our hearts are not normal, they still want to feel love.

Damaged things have value and as long as there is some value in us then we are good. In spite of what the world thinks of us, we are good because we refuse to let the word ‘damaged’ consume us.  We are good because no matter how bad the damage hurts, we refuse to give up.   A car with a dent in the hood can still be driven. A bruised apple can still be eaten.  A dull pencil can be sharpened.  A flat tire can be patched.  A torn piece of paper can still be written on.  These items may never be what they used to be, but they still have value.  These items are not in their original form, but they can still serve a purpose and be used to make a difference.  There is no doubt they are damaged but they are also good. We are damaged and yet we are good.

Like the dented car, we have been hit leaving visible scars on our bodies.   We are like the apple because we have been physically bruised by people who should’ve protected us. We are like the pencil as our spirits have been broken.  We resemble the flat tire as the patch in the center of our chest proves we once had a hole in our heart.  We associate with the torn piece of paper as many see us as stupid and not worth writing on.   We cannot deny that we are damaged, but we are good.  It may take a long time, but we will learn to love again.  We cannot ignore what has happened, but if we are given a second chance maybe we can make a difference in this world.

I too am damaged goods, but now I am sharing my story in hopes that others like me see past the damage and recognize the good inside of themselves.  My name is Alton Carter and I am Damaged Goods.